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What is logical thinking development?

An original program of logical thinking and reasoning, strengthening the emotional immunity of children and building faith in their own abilities.

Logical thinking and reasoning is a key human skill that ensures efficient functioning and proper development. It allows, among other things, to better manage learning, work more effectively, plan goals more easily, choose consciously or live more mindfully.

Many years of experience in working with children has shown us that the right choice of games, puzzles, tasks, but also the way of teaching, affects the ability of logical thinking. That is why we decided to create original programs for development of these skills  - "Mądra Główka-Łamigłówka" for pre-school children and "Gimnastyka umysłu" for children from grades 1-3.

The "Mądra Główka-Łamigłówka" program is based on activities that develop the child's thinking and creativity, such as logic games, puzzles and word-drawing exercises. In working with slightly older children, we place more emphasis on logic games such as checkers, and chess for the oldest pre-school children. The main goal of the program is to strengthen the pupils’ emotional resilience and build faith in own abilities and natural self-confidence.

 The "Gimnastyka umysłu" program is intended for children of early school age and is a continuation of the "Mądra główka-łamigłówka" program implemented in the Academy International pre-schools. It develops the ability to correctly draw conclusions, solve problems independently and in a group, and gives an opportunity to overcome barriers and difficult situations. It also develops perceptiveness and careful observation skills, thanks to which it enriches the child's cognitive processes and influences their mental development.

We realize the "Gimnastyka umysłu" program through, among others: scientific experiments, puzzles, quizzes, crosswords, map construction, brainstorming, mathematical and verbal games. As part of logical thinking programs, both in pre-schools and schools, we teach our pupils to play chess. We hold the "Szachy przyjazne w szkole i przedszkolu" certificate.